Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan - How Bad Is It Really ?

While it is still too early too assess the damage to Japan & the Global Economy from the triple whammy of a 9.0 catastrophic earthquake, the follow-on tsunami, and multiple nuclear plants in full or partial meltdown, consider the following:

Also, I read today that "Reactor # 3 used MOX fuels, that is recycled stuff (often military material). This contains plutonium and is a lot more toxic. that is true. a big problem is that such plants also keep all the spent fuel rods there in water pools in the reactor buildings. These are still very dangerous and can start to burn once they are not surrounded by air. Since this is quite an old plant I read that up to 600.000 spent fuel rods might be on the plant. So you can add these to the risk calculation. I just can’t see any positive thing there. It’s really a disaster and we will have to deal with that for decades or hundreds of years (or more)."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is the USA Broke ? Can our debt & deficits actually be dealt with ?

Every day I see overwhelming evidence that the USA is in fact broke, the country's debt cannot be repaid, and the politicians and economic policy makers are recklessly exacerbating the situation through their actions.

Today's examples include the following:

Uncle Ben "the Bernank" Bernanke -- full speed ahead over the cliff

Uncle Ben dissembles in congressional testimony; distorts Taylor rule (intentionally)

Michael Moore (y'know, big fat rich communist film maker)
Michael Moore Thinks Wealthy People's Money Is A 'Natural Resource' And Should Be Shared by @